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Who Rides GBC?

Tyler Willey

Tyler Willey

Full Name: Tyler Willey
Age: 24
Birthdate: June 10
Height: 6' 0"
Hometown: Trenton, MO
Occupation: I am a lead person at Modine Manufacturing Company.

Race Vehicle or Vehicles:
2012 Yamaha YFZ450
2008 Yamaha YFZ450
2013 Honda CRF50
Race Class or Classes:
AXC A Class
OMA Nationals A Class
GNCC Junior B

Years Racing: 3
Sponsors (Besides us, of course!): Moto-Xperts, Fasst Company, Spy Optics, Shockworx Motorsports, Ars Fx Suspension, Exit Shocks, Rekluse, Mud Motorsports, Spider Graphics, Burrows Machine Shop, Scentsy Consultant Mary Cabral, T&L Auto Supply Carquest, Paige & Tayler, The Kellison Family, GBC Tires
Race Series (Which series do you race in or have raced in?): I race the entire Iowa ATV Harescramble Series and hit as many OMA Nationals, GNCC, and Arkansas Cross Country events as possible.
Time to brag. What are your greatest racing accomplishments so far?: So far my greatest racing accomplishment has been winning races in my class every year I've been racing. I'm also very proud to finish in the top 100 of 500+ riders in the 2014 GNCC Ironman morning race.

Who's your favorite racer?: I have a couple favorite racers. On a national level my favorite racer is Walker Fowler. I just like the way he is approachable and doesn't make excuses. If he has a bad day he regroups and comes back better for the next one. On a local level my favorite rider is probably Bart Thomas. I like the way he comes to the track with everything 100% ready to go. He prides himself on losing due to human error and not anything mechanical and I like that.
What's your favorite band or song?: That's a tough one. I listen to just about everything. I'd have to say my favorite though is upbeat, fast paced, get you pumped up songs. Everything from edm to rock to rap.
Where is your favorite place to ride?: Anywhere, I like to ride whether its an open pasture or climbing mountains. Riding is fun.
What was your most memorable race and why?: My most memorable race was Kahoka 2014. I started the day out mid pack and finally got into the lead. I opened up a pretty good gap but 2nd place caught me about a mile before the finish. I had to stay on my toes and up my game to edge out the win by a second. That entire mile we were bumper to bumper.
What do you like best about racing with GBC Motorsports?: The tires hookup and last so long. Plus the gbc bucks program. I love that the company gives back to the racers. It's a great program and I love being a part of it.


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