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Who Rides GBC?

Brandon Morgan

Brandon Morgan

Full Name: Brandon Morgan
Age: 19
Birthdate: January 15
Height: 6' 0"
Hometown: Martinsville, VA
Occupation: Body tech

Race Vehicle or Vehicles: ATV
Race Class or Classes: AA and College A

Years Racing: 4
Sponsors (Besides us, of course!): Colors on parade, pure moto
Race Series (Which series do you race in or have raced in?): Vxcs Mideast gncc
Time to brag. What are your greatest racing accomplishments so far?: A open champion, Youth production champion

Who's your favorite racer?: Chris borich
What's your favorite band or song?: Bullet for valetine
Where is your favorite place to ride?: My house
What was your most memorable race and why?: First 450 win 2 years ago and cause it was my first and for my grandma who passed and I lost my left ball and still won
What do you like best about racing with GBC Motorsports?: The tires are best I've ran and just great support

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