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Race Reports

GBC Motorsports victorious at Round 8 of the GNCC.

Odessa, NY- (June 10th, 2018) - Round 8 of the 2018 GNCC season brought out fans from all over the country for what would prove to be a memorable day for GBC Motorsports and it sponsored racers. The 4th annual Dunlop Tomahawk race has always been a challenging and grueling event, testing the skills and abilities of even the most talented racers. With only 5 rounds remaining in the 2018 season, the pressure is on and competition is fierce as racers duel it out for the top slot in the GNCC rankings.

We are live at Round 8 of the GNCC race series.

Fowler coming out the woooded section on XC-master and Ground Buster 3 tires.

Walker Fowler #001-Rogers, OH


Walker Fowler once again proved his dominance at Round 8 of the GNCC as he stood atop the podium with his hand held high for the fans in Odessa New York. At the drop of the green flag, it would be Fowler who would grab the Wiseco Holeshot in an amazing display of speed and racing intelligence. Fowler was able to establish a wide gap early on as he navigated the slick track conditions with pursuing racers close behind. In the end, a focused and charging Fowler crossed the checkered flag with a 1st place win, giving him his 5th out of the 8 races thus far in the 2018 season. With 205 total points, Fowler remains unscathed and comfortable with a strong lead over the XC1 pro class. It’ll be interesting to see how he closes out the year as we head towards the end of the 2018 race season. Congratulations on your Win! Walker Fowler is a GBC Motorsports sponsored racer and rides on XC-Master and Ground Busters 3’s performance tires.

Landon Wolfe takes his 1st win of the year in the 4x4 Pro class in beautiful Odessa.

Landon Wolfe #381- Union, SC

4x4 Pro

Landon Wolfe captured his 1st win of the 2018 race season in the stacked 4x4 Pro ATV class at the GNCC Tomahawk race. Having started the year off with an 11th place finish, Wolfe reemerged for Round 2 prepared for battle and eager for redemption. Fast forward to Round 8 of the series, and the points standings has Wolfe in 2nd place with 7 out of 8 of his previous races ending on the podium. Wolfe has been a consistent presence in the 4x4 Pro and is currently 45 points behind 1st place. Heading into Round 9 of the series with 190 points, Wolfe is in a great position on the leader boards and has shown no loss of momentum. As we get ready for the annual Snowshoe race, were looking forward to seeing the Wolfe perform in one of the series most brutal races. Congratulations on your Win! Landon Wolfe is a GBC Motorsports sponsored racer and rides Dirt Commander Performance tires. 

Katelyn Osburn secures the win in the WXC class.

Katelyn Osburn #209- Greene, NY.


Katelyn Osburn has been having an outstanding year thus far as she finishes Round 8 with a strong 1st place win under the sunny skies of Odessa in her home state of New York. Having participated in every round of the series, Osburn is currently 2nd in class behind fellow sponsored racer Traci Pickens. As it stands, Osburn has finished every race except Round 3 with a top 3 finish. A great competitor at heart, the New York native Osburn has been on a hot streak all season and looks primed and ready for the showdown at Snowshoe. Engaged in a tight battle down to the finish at Round 8 with GBC Motorsports own Traci Pickens, Osburn remained diligent in her efforts and was able to pass Pickens for the win.  With 35 points behind 1st, Osburn is looking to continue her charge towards the top of the WXC Standings. Congratulations on your Win! Katelyn Osburn is a GBC Motorsports sponsored racer and rides on XC-Master and Ground Busters 3’s performance tires.

GBC Motorsports was established in 1995, as a way of bringing performance tires to every style of riding in the power sports market. GBC Motorsports remains at the forefront of design and performance with signature tires for both UTV and ATV applications.


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