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GBC Contingency

Earn bucks toward GBC product!

GBC Bucks Contingency Forms

You may select and download contingency forms, by race series, below.

The GBC Bucks Awards Program is designed to reward ATV Riders who achieve racing success while using GBC tires. GBC Bucks are offered to the classes listed on each series' application form. GBC Bucks are redeemable at MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) towards the purchase of tires through GBC Motorsports.

Program Requirements

  1. GBC ATV/UTV tires must be used on all four wheels of the vehicle.
  2. GBC decals must be displayed on the vehicle. The GBC logo may not be physically altered in any way. ATVs must have decals prominently displayed on the front and both sides of their vehicle. UTVs/SXSs must have (1) decal (11"x2.5") on each side of the vehicle, on the fenders directly above the tires.
  3. Tech inspection must be performed and signed by the tech at the track's tech area.
  4. A separate form must be filled out at each race.

Contingency will only be awarded for classes in
which a minimum of five riders have entered.

Receiving my contingency application

Claim procedure: You must complete a GBC Bucks form at each event. You may receive your contingency form in one of three ways:

  1. Download and print your from from the top of this page.
  2. Contact GBC Motorsports Rider Support at
  3. Forms also may or may not be available at the registration trailer of your event. We recommend you bring your own in case forms are unavailable at the event.
Please send in your completed forms no later than 30 days from the day of the event and allow 7-14 business days for processing.

Submitting my contingency application

By mail: Mail your application to:
     Attn: Rider Support
     13310 Valley Blvd.
     Fontana, CA 92335

By Fax: Fax your application to 310-694-9109


GBC bucks must be redeemed (used) within 12 months from the date we credit your account. All participants are responsible for tax and shipping fees.

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