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Exceptional Performance for Everyday Enthusiasts

The new and improved XC Racer is designed to satisfy the needs of sports ATV fans. Featuring a reinforced bead for added strength, the newest XC-Racer tires offer a superior seal and durability. The multi-tier, pre-grooved knob that give the XC-Racer its unique look are very flexible and significantly improve tire-to-terrain traction by maximizing surface area. Made with GBC’s popular rubber compound, the XC-Racer is built for heavy performance.

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Part Number Size Ply Tread TD32 OD SW RW WT PSI ML Price
20X11.00-9 6 Rear 15 20 11 9 16.50 7 350 $107.54
21X7.00-10 6 Front 15 21.1 7 5.5 12.30 7 250 $75.70
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