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More Than A Racer - Matt Lindle

Welcome back to More Than a Racer, a blog series brought to you by GBC Motorsports exploring the lives of professional and amateur ATV and UTV racers across the country. The sport of ATV/UTV racing requires intense commitment and dedication. It is an investment of time, money and energy, but the rewards reach well beyond the racecourse. This time, we sat down with Matt Lindle! The GNCC and GBC Heartland champ talked with us about farm life and how he was born with racing in his blood.

One of the first things we found about Matt is that he is a true farm boy and proud of it. “I live in Muscatine, Iowa. We’re right on the Mississippi River, just about 20 miles west. The actual town is around 30,000 population. I live way out in the sticks. My father and I have a large row crop farming operation, so I’m a country boy through and through, always have been. Never lived anywhere besides the gravel road.”

Farming is just a way of life for Matt and something he’s been doing for as long as he can remember. “We are strictly row crop, so we raise corn and soybeans only. We don’t have any livestock. Growing up on the farm, personally, I would never trade it for anything. If I have children in the future, I want them to be raised on a farm as well. I loved it and I think it’s a great experience growing up.”

Being raised on the farm, Matt learned valuable lessons at a young age and gained morals he takes into his racing today. “It really taught me a lot about work ethic, never giving up, and always just working hard. That’s really the biggest thing that my parents told me as a kid, just work hard for everything in anything you do.” The farm is also where Matt fell in love with his first set of four wheels. “Believe it or not, I actually got a battery-powered four wheeler from my parents for my first birthday! So my experience on quads is from well before I can remember. My dad would use quads to check on the cows and stuff, but I would use it out in the woods with my friends. I honestly don’t remember a time not loving to ride four wheelers, or dirt bikes, or anything like that. It’s always been in my blood. My dad did a few local races when he was younger, he just didn’t stick with it.”

After hearing how early Matt’s first experience with four-wheelers was, we were shocked to learn he didn’t start racing until much later on. “For someone that started on four wheelers so young, I actually didn’t enter my first official race until I believe I was 17 years old. I didn’t know a ton about racing until I started following the GNCC around 2005. I was interested in it, but never really pushed my parents for it. Then one of my really good friends that I rode with started racing and he talked me into doing a local race. MXC was the name of the series, they’re actually co-sanctioned with the OMA Nationals. I went and raced and was hooked ever since”

It didn’t take Matt long to make up for lost time and soon he was soaring to the top of the ranks! “Last year I earned the number 18 in the GNCC series, which means I finished in the top 20 overall. Most people don’t believe it when I tell them this, but it was my first season GNCC racing and only my fourth full season racing a quad. So from the local level to the national level, I had only raced a total of four full seasons. Most people think I have been racing forever!”

Things didn’t always come so easy to Matt however, as he opened up to us about his struggle with a learning disability and making a big career change.  “I was tested and diagnosed with ADD and was falling behind a bit when I was younger, so my mom wanted to give me more one on one attention. That’s why I was homeschooled through middle school and high school. It gave me more time to do what I wanted on the farm, and get a more hands on learning experience. In the end, it helped me a lot. After high school, I went on to a community college and got my two year Associates Degree in welding. When I got out of college, I started welding for two years and decided I wanted to have my own business instead of working for somebody. So I came back to the farm and started doing my own farming and trucking alongside my dad. It’s been going great and I love doing it!”. With his personal life finally coming together, Matt decided it was time to get back to the track.

“After I got my business established at Lindle Farms, I was able to focus on racing for the first time. It’s truly my passion through and through, and that’s all I really ever want to do when I’m not at work. So I work my butt off during the day and get done what I need to get done during the week, work on my four wheelers at night and off weekends, go racing any chance I get.”

With Matt putting all of his passion back into the sport, it was just a matter of time before he joined forces with GBC! “I first got in touch with GBC when I started running the Iowa ATV series, and of course GBC does a lot of work with them and the Heartland Challenge. The contingency program is awesome for all the racers. Honestly I haven’t run anything since I switched over, and haven’t even thought about wanting to try anything else. I love the product and thanks for the support. I really do appreciate it. It’s been great so far. Like I said, I don’t plan on running anything else. I’m very happy with how everything’s going, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.”

Thank you for sharing with us Matt, we here at GBC Motorsports respect your passion and drive! Make sure to keep up with Matt Lindle and his racing career by following his social media pages!


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